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CaveBound - Dolph: Heighten your senses

Dolph: Heighten your senses

15th Jul 2019, 7:19 AM
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Dolph: Heighten your senses

15th Jul 2019, 7:19 AM edit delete
Why heighten your senses? That would be like trying to take down a giant with a slingshot.

The Emperor lashes out a hand, forcing some sort of bleating sound to arise from your throat. Though his face is that of a smile, his choke depicts an image of absolute rage.

Caligula: I placed YOU in guard, Dolph.
Caligula: I gave YOU the Metallon, Dolph.
Caligula: Not a SPIDER GUARDIAN, Dolph.
Caligula: You are capable of shooting ARROWS from your HANDS.
Caligula: Yet SOMEHOW you were defeated by a bald Saengmul with a shovel.
Caligula: AND you let them get away with the Gen Trigram.
Caligula: Do you know what I call that, Dolph?
Dolph: A-a Minor setba-
Caligula: I call that "Dissapointment", Dolph.

He laughs. It sounds hollow, like as if someone had begun banging on the side of an empty coffin. By utter polarity, you give a pitiful whimper like that of a beaten dog, yet your master does not react in the slightest.

Caligula: You know, Dolph,
Caligula: Even though I'm as blind as I am mad,
Caligula: I'm going to enjoy watching you suffer.


5-5-13-6 15th Jul 2019, 5:35 PM edit delete reply
Poor Guy.